Ferodo- decades of service to the South African braking industry


Becoming a household brand takes time, dedication, expertise and a commitment to quality and service- factors that have been at the center of Ferobrake products since the brand was introduced to South Africa in 1965. As a supplier at that time of brake and clutch products and services to the mining, marine, marine, aviation, commercial transport, light passenger car and rail sectors, the company was soon a leader in its field.


More than five decades may have elapsed, but the Ferobrake brand stands firm today. A business that started in the 20th century has moved successfully into the new millennium. Although technology, processes and materials may have changed, the Ferobrake of today stands faithful to the qualities that have built its presence over more than 50 years of being a South African market leader.


Ferobrake began its life in Natal positioned near Ferodo its primary supplier, a proud relationship that still exists today.







Adapting to changing times and markets



Over time, the Ferobrake name evolved, becoming a trading name associated with a network of independently owned brake and clutch workshops focused on commercial vehicles. Although independently owned and managed, they are all authorised distributors of Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings and comply with the operating standards expected by the brand.


Today, Ferobrake has more than 25 outlets operating across South Africa, and Botswana- a unique geographic spread that gives Ferobrake a presence and reaches that is unique and differentiates it from competitors. (to access more information on the locations, service offerings and products of Ferobrake outlets, click the appropriate tabs).


Although independent, the owners, recognising the benefits of being associated with the Ferobrake brand, have elected to operate under the Ferobrake name, which is managed by Maxifren, a division of Motus that distributes Ferodo products to Ferobrake outlets, and assists with product and branding processes.