In 1897 Herbert Frood began his experiments into braking materials in a hut in the garden of his house in Coombs near Chapel-en-le-Frith, England. His patent for the improvement of brake blocks was filed in October 1900 and production began at Green Street, Gorton the following year. An increase in trade, largely resulting from a change in sales tactics – approaching the consumer rather than the manufacturer – led to Frood renting Sovereign and Howden Mills in Chapel-en-le-Frith in 1902.
Experiments in the use of asbestos began in the first decade of the twentieth century and by the outbreak of war in 1914 production of clutch linings and stair treads had started. The use of asbestos in Ferodo Ltd (as the Herbert Frood Company became in 1920) friction products led to the company joining the Turner and Newall organisation in 1926.
Some 41 years later, in 1965 Ferodo South Africa established the brake bonding business known as Ferobrake. In those days it wasn’t limited to the Automotive Industry; in fact a large part of the business was via ships chandlers, providing braking material in the form of Ferodo Woven material to the Marine Industry. Ferobrake also provided services to the Aircraft industry, supplying many of Ferodo’s products.
Ferobrake was originally strategically positioned near the Ferodo factory in Durban, before spreading it’s roots to the rest of the country.
During the next 20 years Ferobrake was sold and re-purchased twice by Turner and Newall until finally, in the mid-eighties, the name became one used by Turner & Newall’s distributors of Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings. These distributors were all independent businessmen, many of whom had been running their specialist businesses for a number of years.
Today there are twenty-nine Ferobrakes across the length and breadth of South Africa as well as Botswana, providing a regional footprint unequalled by any competitors. Ferobrake still proudly markets Ferodo Automotive products, providing specialised brake, clutch and prop shaft services to the heavy duty transport industry as well as servicing the needs of passenger vehicle users.
With our nationwide brand strengthening once again we hope you will join the Ferobrake family and become one of our happy customers.